23.7. Červenka, Rockové léto

Our next summer festival is Rockové léto which will take place in Červnka. PORTA INFERI will perform there alongside DOGA, ORTEL, RIMORTIS and many others. Proceeds from this event will be donated to program for the treatment of cancer.

 Come to enjoy  the proper rock music and also help a good cause - we're looking forward to seeing you there!!!

9.7. Gora Swietej Anny (PL), Igrzyska Rockove

On Saturday, July 9 PORTA INFERI will perform in Poland again. This time alongside Polish rock legend TSA in one of the largest amphitheaters in Europe, at the festival Igryzska rockove.

Poland - we are looking forward!!!

2.7. Ostrava, Slezskoostravský rockfest

Our first "summer holiday" stop is Ostrava, specifically the Silesian Ostrava Castle. PORTA INFERI will perform at Slezskoostravský Rock-Fest alongside legendary BLAZE BAYLEY (ex IRON MAIDEN), DESMOD, ŽLUTÝ PES, HENTAI CORPORATION and many others.

The castle will shake in the foundations - so come along!!!

25.6. Brno, Melodka

South Moravian metropolis has always been one of our favorite stops, so we're gonna show up again in Melodka music club in Brno at June 25. This time we'll perform there with Prague bunch ANACREON and ENOLA GAY form Mladá Boleslav. 

It will be hard stuff - so come along!!!

Upcoming dates


  23.07.2016  -  Červenka, Rockové léto   

  13.08.2016  -  Olbramovice, Rocková noc

  20.08.2016  -  Svibické pivní slavnosti 

  26.08.2016  -  Terchovský budzogáň







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