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Ahoj všem, rozhodli jsme se, že si trošku usnadníme práci v dnešní době sociálních sítí a nebude otrocky vypisovat všechny novinky na 10 různých míst.. 95% lidí má dnes FACEBOOK , stejně jako my , takže všechny novinky najdete tam..  Kliknětě pro vsup na náš FB na ikonu níže . Díky

We decide that we will use FACEBOOK as our main social network site. For more news about us click on the icon below to enter our FB world. Thanks

Do you wanna be a new singer of PORTA INFERI ??

For more information check the video below . English subtitles in options on YT !

Kamenité, thank you!!!

That's the reason why we make music! Because despite the weekday we met at Kamenité Čas Rock Fest in such great numbers. Because these fans appreciate our work and they return all our effort and energy to us at the performences where they come, enjoy it and sing our songs. Because this feeling doesn't match to anything else. 

We would like to thank everyone who came to see us at Kamenité and mainly all our fans and friends for supporting and allowing us to experience these unbelievably wonderful moments.

THANK YOU- Stay Porta!!!

25.6. Bohumín, Rock Summer Party

On Saturday, June 25, PORTA INFERI will perform in Bohumín at the Rock Summer Partyfestival, which will also include a rich accompanying program. We will play there together with BESTIAL THERAPY, ACOUSTIKA and exclusive guest INNOCENS.

Getting started at 20.30 so come!

Upcoming dates


 2.6.2018 -  SORFEST 2018, OSTRAVA 





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