Alive (2019)



1 Dead or alive
2 Phoenix
3 Lost in memories
4 Butterfly effect
5 Deeper than hell
6 Wings of dreams        
7 Be unbroken
8 Flight 103
9 Blacksmith
10 Hunter
11 Digital world
12 One life's enough


3rd official album.  Recorded in PIN RECORDS studio. Mix a mastering - BOMBJACK studio.

Released under PIN RECORDS in year 2019.

Recorded by: Mirek Andrássy, Lukáš Kroutil, Jaroslav Dobrota, Radim Korbel, Jan Noga


Out of the Difference (2014) 


1 Porta Inferi
2 My Time Has Come
3 Dirty Game
4 Don't Lie To Me
5 Day By Day
6 Beautiful Morning
7 Glory
8 Lights of Andromeda
9 Inert Tragedy
10 Noise In The Trees
11 Symetric
12 Everyday Apocalypse

2nd official CD.  Recorded, mixed and mastered in  PIN RECORDS studio .

Released under  PIN RECORDS  2014.

Recorded by:  Mirek Andrássy, Lukáš Kroutil , Jaroslav Dobrota, Norman Power


Another World (2011)


1   Another World
2 Float For Victory
3 Black River
4 Only Thing Is War!
5 Wait For My Nightmare
6 Fear
7 Dead Memories
8 Pact With Devil
9 On The Other Side

The first full CD was recorded during December 2010 in the studio Bombjack and produced by Porta Inferi in March 2011.
This album was recorded in the composition :
Mira Raindl, Mirek Andrássy, Lukáš Rýc, Michal Baroň.
Mix and master Bombjack